Karmic Release Healing | Soul Retrieval Healing

During times of crisis, or a stressful phase in our life, parts of our soul energy fragments and depletes our collective energy body. Many cancer survivors, having undergone surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy – report that they feel 'never quite the same again' after the experience. Similarly, childhood trauma, abusive relationships, divorce, and even car accidents would cause soul energy to splinter and disperse. Sometimes a part of us still stays with (or is taken by) another person, a former partner or spouse, and so even after separation we are left with a feeling of being 'incomplete'. Other symptoms of Soul fragmentation include depression, constant fatigue, and spiritual impediment.

During a Soul Retrieval Healing, we will travel across space and time – even to past lives in which your personal power was taken from you – to retrieve pieces of your Soul. With the returning of each fragment to you, your energy body becomes more complete, powerful, and whole. And gradually you will find that you spiritual path/life path becomes clearer; your physical body becomes healthier; your manifestation abilities become stronger; your capacity to give and receive love becomes richer.

A Soul Retrieval session is most effective after the initial Isis Lotus Healing to clear and balance your Chakras and meridian system. You would have also been attuned to the electric blue energy of Isis here, and without this, your Soul fragments may not be able to reintegrate with your current energy field, if it has not been cleared of major blockages and karmic imprints.

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