Here are some of the things clients say about us.

Sherwin is a very generous and emphatic healer. The moment you enter the healing space he has prepared for you, an immediate sense of calm and safety overcomes and begins to wash away all doubt and fear you may have coming into a healing. During my recent healing session with Sherwin, i felt very powerful energies course through my body at various times of the healing, followed by occasional moments of being unconscious. After the session, i felt energized and that something had resolved itself. He channelled messages from Nuit and Amun-Ra which were accurate and uplifting. The messages provided clear direction to many of my questions. During the week after the session, i experienced a healing crisis, but after it resolved, i felt a nice shift click into place for me. Thanks Sherwin, and keep doing what you do!

Stephanie V,
Kuala Lumpur

I absolutely love stepping into HoK! The blue carpeted floor and papyrus decorated walls are reminiscent of a sacred temple both ancient and modern. The Egyptian statues on the altars are warm and welcoming, and stand sentinel to the great work that is being done there. As a healer using the space, i found it very easy to connect and hardly any space preparation was needed as Sherwin takes great care in keeping the integrity of the space. I look forward to conducting more classes and healings in this beautiful space.

Stephanie Driesan,
Kuala Lumpur

I was experiencing tiredness and lower back aches for about two months (I'm only in my twenties, mind you) and I was wondering if it was due to my mattress getting worn out, and suspected nothing else. The aches would not go away no matter which sleeping position I adopted, and no matter how much or how well I slept, I was still fatigued. I felt no inclination for any sort of leisure activity except sleep and I rarely left home except to the vicinity of my home and for work. However, upon consulting Sherwin, he discovered an entity attached to my lower back, albeit a harmless one, and had it removed. Less than a week later, I was well on my way gallivanting around town! It has been another two months since, and the pains have not recurred, but my energy levels have. Thanks, Sherwin!

Trissha Ng,

Last year i felt trapped n blocked on many issues. After my healings with Sherwin..i knew something is workin for me, helping me in levels i cant explain. A sense of release of pent up negative emotion...left me at peace wif myself. At d same time, i experienced a changed of energy going thru my physical body...good energy. Now i try to attend Isis Healing Circle whenever i could cos group energy sizzles! Thanks Sherwin for the light and healings :)

Patricia Ow Yeang,
Kuala Lumpur

Until I discovered House of Kite, I have never done nor intend for any healing. When the opportunity did arise early this year, Sherwin performed healing on me and through it, begin my journey of an inner self discovery. I was wrong when I thought I know myself best. HOK brought me a level of realization that will forever benefit me. Thank you.

Ken Koh,

Healing with Sherwin for me started way before House of Kite was formed or even thought of for that matter. Fortunately for me I was one of the first few clients as Sherwin first started healing.

A few years ago, I was at a point in my life where I was struggling to recover from a bad break up which had occurred two years prior to that. There was a lot of emotional turmoil in me and it seemed like I had tried everything and nothing was working or giving me the closure I needed to move on. Since I had tried almost everything, I decided it was time to seek for some external assistance. So when Sherwin mentioned that he had started healing it seemed like the most natural thing to do, to ask him to heal me! It turned out to be a whole new experience. During my first session, Sherwin healed my heart chakra, unclogged my third eye chakra and removed a few energy spikes. Seems like just a few simple things but that healing session made way for a huge change in my life. It felt like I had been freed and I was able to feel many things again. In a sense I felt stronger and finally able to move on with my life on a positive note. The changes were subtle at first, but they were definitely there.

Ever since then, I have been to Sherwin for many healing session as I deemed required and have seen many positive changes and progress in my life. We always we want to share the good things in our life with our loved ones and friend , I have brought family members and friends for healings as well.

My introduction to Sherwin started from schooling days and I remember, even back then he was a natural clairvoyant and had an affinity for the spiritual sciences. I must say this not only makes him a very good healer but also an impartial listener who brings to you advice and messages from the angels and divine beings untarnished. He has not only been a very good friend and healer but also an excellent teacher to me on my spiritual journey. In fact I like to think of him as my walking spiritual encyclopedia. It is no doubt to me that Sherwin has immense potential and has a lot of great work to be done in his contribution to society.

Laavenia Ramasegar,

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